Houston, We Have Distribution!

Why do I make films? Why do I create my poignant, fun, ofttimes kooky, pieces of work? Because stories make the world go round. Because our most basic form of communication relies on storytelling. Because films allow me to play in a wonderland of moving images, sound and music and to play with other artists. Because I just can’t help myself. I want to entertain you and make myself happy at the same time. Often, when one makes a short film, it gets tied up on the festival circuit. This means that while I wait for many, many months/years to either be accepted or (more often) rejected from a film festival, I can’t share the story I went through all of that passion to make. And I didn’t make it for me, ultimately. I made it for you. Oh yes, it’s my art, my expression, but what is art if no one can view it?  I LOVE what I do. The journey is to find the audience. So. How do you get your short films seen?


I’m excited to say that my career has moved a notch in the right direction. It is with GREAT PLEASURE that I announce that — NOT ONE NOT TWO NOT THREE but FOUR

— short films I have directed or co-directed (three I starred in) were picked up for distribution by First Focus International.


This means that First Focus will go on as my rep to find platforms to share the films:  First Stop DirectTV!   Perhaps we will find foreign distribution as well. It’s certainly possible and definitely the hope. I’ll update the blog with solid information once I have it. But in the meantime, let me bask in the pleasure that people will actually get to see my art. Aaahhhhh.


I have a big message and a worldwide audience I’m trying to reach. I want to talk about family, equality, love, passion and so much more using humor, raw drama and the medium of film AND television.

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