LIIFE with friends

Supporting my filmmaker friends at the LIIFE last night was so gratifying! #inspiration #filmmakers #actorslife #liife

Christine Verleny, Amanda Brook Lerner and Colleen Davie Janes

Celebrating Others

Last night at the #LIIFE was pretty spectacu-licious. Audio glitches aside (🙄), we were hosted by Kevin Brown @dotcom30rock who kept us laughing and crying throughout the night.

My dear friends, pictured above, were sexy man-killing bots the short “Kill Al”, directed by Walter Brandes, which was nominated for Best Short. Not pictured here is Dana Shoenfeld whose short “Swiped Right” was nominated for Best Comedy Short. Other friends at the fest were Jimmy Prevailis for “The Prime” and Stephanie Weppler who won BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for “Swiped Right”!!! Squeeeeeeeeal!!!

In this business, it’s not all about “me”. Films are created only though teamwork, a community, a family, and we gotta’ support off set as well as on.

And I got a great pic on the red carpet 🙂


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