The Downtown LA Film Festival virtual read of “The Creator” was a great success. Picked up by and HollywoodSoapbox, it thrilled fans of Roddenberry

#DTLAF Director

Colleen has been chosen to direct the table read for the winning screenplay in the Downtown LA Film Festival competition this year! Such and honor, and she sends huge thanks to the Alliance of Women Directors @awd_directors for sharing the opportunity with female directors.

Revisiting SHOOT Magazine Honor

Colleen was honored as an emerging director by SHOOT Magazine in 2017. Her work screened at the DGA along with other acknowledged directors and teams.

Winner Sci-Fi Film “Ride the Wave”

Directed by Colleen Davie Janes, EP Brooklyn Rose films, Produced by Leaving Normal and November Entertainment, “Ride the Wave” is surfing through the festival circuit!

LIIFE with friends

Supporting my filmmaker friends at the LIIFE last night was so gratifying! #inspiration #filmmakers #actorslife #liife

As seen in Forbes

As an entertainment professional, Colleen is always looking for a way to support those who aren’t comfortable using video in their business, who may come up with reasons not to use it, who cry at the thought of it– you get it.

Houston, We Have Distribution!

Why do I make films? Why do I create my poignant, fun, ofttimes kooky, pieces of work? Because stories make the world go round.

Newest Directorial Venture

Coming soon: RIDE THE WAVE a comedy with a dark statement about social media. Executive Producer: Brooklyn Rose Films, Produced by Leaving Normal Productions and November Entertainment

Tribeca Screening World Premiere – trailer

RIDE THE WAVE – a dark comedy about social media in a not too distant future, will be having a private red carpet screening in December 2019 at the Tribeca screening room. This brings things full circle for director Colleen Davie Janes, who arrived in New York to work on “A Bronx Tale” with Jane Rosenthal and Robert DeNiro. See the trailer here!

CDJ Directed films – stream until you pass out!

It’s exciting, and an indie filmmaker, to get your films in front of your fan’s eyeballs. And now, wherever you live – Turkey, USA, South Africa, France and beyond, you can now watch Colleen’s films online.

New York City Independent Film Festival Official Selection

“Ride the Wave”, a dark comedy about the effects of social media, directed by Colleen Davie Janes and produced by Leaving Normal Productions and EPd by Brooklyn Rose Films, is an official selection of this powerhouse film festival. Look forward to meeting you all there! Drop a comment if we can plan on seeing you.

Nominees for Best!

Thank you to the NYC Independent Film Festival for the recent nominations of BEST DIRECTOR and BEST SHORT FILM! The Best Director nomination was both feature and short projects so this is a particular honor.